8051 Microcontroller Interview Questions

Questions may be asked in interview  of ECE students related to 8051 microcontroller:
  1. Intel 8051 follows which architecture: Harvard or Newman?
  2. What is the difference between Harvard and Newman architecture?
  3. 8051 was developed using which technology nmos or pmos?
  4. Why 8051 is called 8 bit microcontroller?
  5. What is the width of data bus?
  6. What is the width of address bus?
  7. How many memory locations address bus can access (also tell in kb)?
  8. The memory locations that the address bus can access will be of RAM or ROM or both?
  9. How much on-chip RAM is available?
  10. On-chip RAM is also called _____ memory?
  11. How much on-chip ROM is available?
  12. On-chip ROM is also called _____ memory?
  13. How many byte is of the bidirectional input/output port?
  14. What is UART?
  15. The original 8051 core runs at how many clock cycles per machine cycle?
  16. With 12 MHz clock frequency how many instructions(of 1 machine cycle and 2 machine cycle) it can execute per second?
  17. What are the four distinct types of memory in 8051?
  18. Internal RAM is located from address 0x00 to ___?
  19. Tell the addresses which can be accessed directly?
  20. Tell the addresses which are bit addressable?
  21. Tell the addresses which can be accesssed only by indirect addressing mode?
  22. Tell the addresses where the special function registers are present and also which addressing mode is used to access them?
  23. Are SFR bit addressable or byte addressable?
  24. What type of memory is Program Memory? Read only/Read-write/write only?
  25. *Does the program memory can be only used for storing code only, if not then how that data is accessed?
  26. What is the address of external data memory from which it starts?
  27. How the external data memory is accessed? 

Except ques:
2. Difference between harvard and Von Neumann architecture is as follows:
In the architecture Von Mann, the data and the program are stored in the same common memory unit whereas in the architecture Harvard the data and the program are stored in different memory.

14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_asynchronous_receiver/transmitter
* conceptual ques

These are the questions not copied from anywhere. It is my original work. These are questions asked in interview for electronics and computer science students.

About the author: The author of this article is an engineering student of B.E. in ECE. He is not a geek nor a nerd, but has extreme interest in programming in 8051,8086,C,C++,html etc....
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