8086 Microprocessor Interview Questions

Questions may be asked in interview of ECE students related to 8086 microprocessor

  1. 8086 is how many bit microprocessor?
  2. 8086 gave rise to which famous architecture?
  3. 8008 is how many bit processor?
  4. Which mos technology is used for 8086up?
  5. In 8086 all internal registers and buses are ____bits wide.
  6. The main four registers in 8086 are?
  7. The four index registers are?
  8. The four segment registers are?
  9. What are the flags in psw?
  10. Which instruction pointer is used here?
  11. Here the address bus used is of ____bits wide.
  12. The data bus was _____with the address bus in order to fit in standard 40 pin package.
  13. Here stack pointer is ___bits wide.
  14. Here instruction pointer is _____bits wide.
  15. Here flag register are _____bits wide.
  16. Here segment registers are _____bits wide.
  17. In 8086 input output space is _____kb.
  18. How many interrupts are there in 8086?
  19. What are the control flags present in 8086 up?
  20. 8086 has a____ bit flag register.
  21. Out of 16 bit flag register, how many are active. Also name them.
  22. How the physical address is calculated?
  23. What was the advantage of using 8 bit data bus in 8088?

  • 8008 was launched in 1972, same year when Dennis Ritchie gave c.
  • In 1974 8080 was launched.
  • In 1977 8085 was launched, which could cope with single 5v supply instead of three different operating voltages.
  • The 8086 project started in 1976.
  • In the beginning 8086 was implemented using depletion load circuitary with about 20,000 transistors (29,000 counting all ROM and PLA sites). It was soon moved to HMOS.
  •  Physical address calculation:
  • (16×segment + offset), therefore producing a 20-bit external (or effective or physical).
  • The first pc of all times IBM used intel 8088, a version of 8086 with 8 bit data bus.
  • The 1st commercial computer made using 8086up was Mycron 2000.

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